10 July 2006

In Mufti

Lest you think that I spend all my time in one of my various, eye-popping disguises in pursuit of international criminal figures and trying to avoid the paparazzi who, you should pardon the expression, dog my every step, I felt I should share with you one of the rare pictures of me "in mufti".

Pictured with me is Sharon, affectionately known as "Shazza", one of my permanent staff of 3 here at the country estate in Connecticut. Shazza is a dear, dear woman - although her tendency to refer to me as "Shirley-Whirley-Woo-Woo" can become a bit wearing on ones nerves. All is forgiven, however, when she appears in the morning to brew my first cuppa. I simply can't face the day until I've downed my first bowl of tea.

I shall introduce you to the other members of my staff as time permits.

Must run, my dears... Janet Reno is on the phone yet again - I simply cannot make that poor woman understand that as she is no longer the Attorney General, she really mustn't ring me up every time she finds another terrorist in her begonias.


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