27 July 2006

Close That Door... I'm Feeling A Draft

The Time: 1485
The Place: Portovenere, Italy
The Reason: Beauty for Beauty's Sake

After a rather strenuous party season in Venezia, I had retired to the lovely little seaside village of Portovenere to recharge my batteries before charging off to Rome to settle the hash of a certain Pontiff.

One morning whilst sipping my espresso al fresco by the quayside, one of my dear old friends Sandro Botticelli strolled by. We exchanged pleasantries, whereupon he remarked that the morning light in my eyes had given him a marvelous idea. It seems he'd recently been commissioned by Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de' Medici to create a little gift for one of his current paramours... don't ask me which one as I could never keep all of Larry' gaggle of slappers straight in my head, they came and went so quickly, if you'll pardon my French.

Anyway, Sandy had that look in his eye which meant "Hang on, Shirley old girl... let me run and get my palette"... which he proceeded to do.

Posing for Sandy was never a chore, really... but I did wish the little chippie with the pink cloak was a bit quicker with it. Those Zephyrs weren't half freezing my bum after the first half hour.


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