18 July 2006

Actually, We Were Rather Amused

Yes, it was probably wrong of me... but if you were in my position, I think you'd have done the same.

While performing "shuttle diplomacy" between Downing Street and The Continent, it was my great good fortune to make the acquaintance of HRM Queen Victoria. "Vic" and I became fast friends... so much so that, against my better judgement, I agreed to a rather outlandish caper that Vic dreamed up after hitting the sherry a bit more heavily than normal.

Many of her coterie had exclaimed more than once that, except for my much more refined fashion sense, Vic and I could have been separated at birth. Perhaps with a crow-bar, I thought.

Nonetheless, Vic had grown weary of the toadying, the fawning and the... how to put this delicately... backside-snogging that were part and parcel of reigning over the Empire. "Shirl," she breathed at me rather fragrantly, "'ow I long to just nip out to the shops, do a bit o' browsin', then come 'ome to a nice fry-up and a pint."

Well, who could resist such a touching dream?

Which is how I found myself dressed as you see me in the photo.

It was quite the kerfuffle when her various ministers, handlers and hangers-on found out about our "switcheroo". And that Mr. Brown... he was quite the handful, I can honestly report. But that's another story.


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